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Free write 3/23 Genre









Genre changes based on what is happening

Genre can relate to almost anything

Genre is also very confusing

Genre theory time

Dean comments that genres are more than forms in her article but she doesn’t really explain in great detail what she means by that so it just leaves me confused. she also mentions that genres are forms of life which makes no sense to me at all.

Dean mentions that classification is an  essential part of understanding genre which I agree with because if you don’t understand genre and how it is applied then it is very hard to work with things that are classified in certain genres.

Genres are categorized as:

- rhetorical
 -dynamic
- historical
 -cultural
 -situated
 -ideological

I think these categories work really well with genres.

Overall from reading Deans article on genres, I feel like I have a better understanding of genres and how they can be applied but there were some areas of Deans article that I felt she didn’t explain a concept fully or she left out details.

Calling for Money



  • Free showers for homeless-sign of power? Wealth?





  • History magazine







  • double-blind peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers in the field of economics, financial economics and finance.






  • European finance





  • What is the true wealth of nations?





  • Vatican is secretive, what goes on inside?











Group presentation 2/23 AKA pretzel time

the group use prezi which for what ever reason reminds me of a pretzel

-talked about reflection

-Kelly Clarkson song as an example, used quotes

-apparently break outs and reflections are the same thing

-Food pictures=hungry class=snack after class


-reflect on music, food, and movies without thinking about it

-too many questions on handout



Its all about writing

reflection paper: events that changed your writing perspective and reflect on it, growth as a writer. memory in memory

this has total confused the entire class


everything needs to come back to writing. don’t be vague in the reflections and no narrative.


Money and Opinion


While reading Ellana’s posts on our inquiry project, I noticed how much thinking goes into her posts which I like. I really like the amount of details that she puts into her work and how her opinion shines through to the reader. She is able to make good connection between our topic and her sources of information. The way she writes the post brings questions to mind which I think is a great quality to have when doing an inquiry. Overall I think her posts are great and I really enjoyed reading them.



Natalia’s posts have a wonderful use of opinion in them that the reader can really relate to and reflect on what she is saying. The length of the posts are great and I like the amount of detail provided in it. Her posts are also able to bring more questions to mind which I really like. I like that she does ask more questions in her post then she was given at first.


I think Natalia and Ellana are doing a great job with their inquiry posts. I like the amount of details there are in each post and their opinions are clear. I think we will be able to bring everything together the way things are going.


There are three main parts of a reflection:

1. Identify: think about what an event or experience that holds significance for you as a writer. you should be able to create a vignette on it.

2. Analyze: try to see that event or experience from another perspective or point of view. really think outside the box here as you question the event/experience.

3.  Identify: what can you take away from seeing this event or experience from a different view and how it relates to the larger picture that you are trying to see

A different view on money in history

The first of my new sources that I found was an article titled Money in Mesopotamia. The author of the article talks about the different material money was made out of during different time periods and the problems that were encountered with those materials. The author takes the approach of telling the history of the money used in Mesopotamia and then goes into defining terms that describe the different types and uses of money. This article gives me the basis of the history of money which I needed.


The second article I found was titled The Money Making in Ancient China: A Literature Review Journey Through Ancient Texts. The author states right at the beginning what he is going to talk about in his article. He first talks about a book called the Analects by Confucius and focuses on the parts that relate to wealth and high ranking positions. He then goes and examines Records of the Grand Historians of China which provides different ways to attain wealth and then switches a text of the Han Dynasty which has a different view point on making money. The author finishes with a look at economic policies and private business. I like the fact that this article wasn’t solely focused on ancient money but the history of making money which lets me have even more information not so much on the history of money but on how money worked in ancient times.


The third source I found was a TedTalk titled Silk, the ancient material of the future. Fiorenzo Omenetto talks about the different uses of silk such as it is edible and medical uses. Silk was a big part of trade in China since silk was only produced in China. I find it interesting that silk has so many different purposes but we really only know of one which is silk being made into clothing. Since silk was involved in trade and bartering it relates to my area of inquiry but this makes me wonder if silk was used in any of these ways in ancient China or in other places that would make it even more valuable.




The final source I found was a TedTalk titled How a penny made me feel like a millionaire. Tania Luna talks about how her life as a child changed when she moved from Ukraine to America when she was six. When she first got to New York, she finds a penny which makes her feel rich and she experiences the same feeling when she finds a bag of stuffed toys. She never takes the things she has for granted today. This doesn’t relate to the area of my inquiry at first but when I think about it, the smallest amount of money can make anyone feel rich. I would like to see if there is anything like this describe in history or if I will always wonder