Free write 3/9

move clip from moneyball- different types of bases in life


movies are for audience



Group presentation 2/23 AKA pretzel time

the group use prezi which for what ever reason reminds me of a pretzel

-talked about reflection

-Kelly Clarkson song as an example, used quotes

-apparently break outs and reflections are the same thing

-Food pictures=hungry class=snack after class


-reflect on music, food, and movies without thinking about it

-too many questions on handout



Its all about writing

reflection paper: events that changed your writing perspective and reflect on it, growth as a writer. memory in memory

this has total confused the entire class


everything needs to come back to writing. don’t be vague in the reflections and no narrative.



There are three main parts of a reflection:

1. Identify: think about what an event or experience that holds significance for you as a writer. you should be able to create a vignette on it.

2. Analyze: try to see that event or experience from another perspective or point of view. really think outside the box here as you question the event/experience.

3.  Identify: what can you take away from seeing this event or experience from a different view and how it relates to the larger picture that you are trying to see


reading different sources makes you challenge your bias on an issue and forces you to be flexible to change. you are able to get some really good thoughts when reading something where the author has a bias where you don’t. you have to be able look at things from the viewpoint of others in order to get really good information.

in order to see a writers frame we use different things. authors use personal experiences in order to relate to the readers or have short bios so that the readers are able to get a glimpse of the mind set of the person or what the piece is  mostly focus on.


Discourse writing communities are normally based on our preconceived notions of what writing is and how we are suppose to write but once we get to universities we find that there are many discourse communities that are not part of high school discourse communities. In high school there is a set way that you are told is the correct way to write a paper but there is no set way for writing a paper in the university.

Discourse communities

When we hear the word genre we think of books and music but discourse communities use genre also. The way they use genre depends of the type of community it is and discourse communities have their own language. Each discourse community will use certain words in a way that applies to that group only. This use of language is a type of social behavior. Since each communities has their own way of speaking and writing, you could be considered literate in one community and not literate at all in another community. Since there is no set standard for discourse communities, the term literate can not be easily applied here.


Literacy in the 21st century


Since technology is an aspect in everyday life today it is important that everyone is able to use technology and understand other cultures. To us using technology is second nature but for our parents and grandparents they are still learning how to use it. Today many cultures are intertwined with each other and it has become necessary for us to understand them. For example when you call the company you bought your laptop from for help, you get connected to a help center in India. You have to be able to understand what that person is telling you and that person has to speak a language that is not native to them.

Social media has become a huge influence on people today. Anything that is put on Facebook or twitter will exist forever someone out there so you really need to think about what you are posting since you can’t take it back. Many people shorted words when texting and those shorted words make their way into papers and school work. Many smart phones use auto correct when you type a message which can be helpful and annoying.

No standard model

There are a bunch of different ways to look at and define the word literate that the article talks about that we don’t always think it which I thought was interesting because we normally think of the word literate in one way. The part in the article where it talked about how college teachers should teach other teachers how writing should be done. I thought that this was a great idea but it is not happening for some reason. If this were to happen then the 5 paragraph model would not be a standard anymore and students would be able to be more creative when writing papers. Also teachers go through college to become teachers so why is it not being taught then?

The 5 paragraph model is the standard writing model in high schools because of the no child left behind act. This let more students pass end of grade tests and move on to the next grade level but this also lowered the expectations of most students and those students that are on a higher level are not challenged and the class just becomes an easy A for them which makes them go through school with high grades but as soon as they get to college everything falls apart because there is not standard for writing in college.

When we think of what annoys us when we read another persons essay, we move up to higher level then the person we are judging which is not fair but we still do it. Literacy is not something that randomly gives us power over another person based on the mistakes they make because we make mistakes too but that doesn’t stop us from saying we are better then that person. What I want to know is where did this habit that everyone has come from and why do we not stop it?


Learning about grammar rant

My two favorite teachers in high school were my junior and senior year English class teachers. When they would assign a class paper, they would normally give a minimum length and how they wanted the paper formatted then let us write. Sometimes we would have to peer edit the papers and I always hated reading the ones that were too long or were messy.  To me it was annoying reading papers that people didn’t know what they were writing about.

People tend to care more about how grammar is used in writing then how a paper is written.