No standard model

There are a bunch of different ways to look at and define the word literate that the article talks about that we don’t always think it which I thought was interesting because we normally think of the word literate in one way. The part in the article where it talked about how college teachers should teach other teachers how writing should be done. I thought that this was a great idea but it is not happening for some reason. If this were to happen then the 5 paragraph model would not be a standard anymore and students would be able to be more creative when writing papers. Also teachers go through college to become teachers so why is it not being taught then?

The 5 paragraph model is the standard writing model in high schools because of the no child left behind act. This let more students pass end of grade tests and move on to the next grade level but this also lowered the expectations of most students and those students that are on a higher level are not challenged and the class just becomes an easy A for them which makes them go through school with high grades but as soon as they get to college everything falls apart because there is not standard for writing in college.

When we think of what annoys us when we read another persons essay, we move up to higher level then the person we are judging which is not fair but we still do it. Literacy is not something that randomly gives us power over another person based on the mistakes they make because we make mistakes too but that doesn’t stop us from saying we are better then that person. What I want to know is where did this habit that everyone has come from and why do we not stop it?