Money and Opinion


While reading Ellana’s posts on our inquiry project, I noticed how much thinking goes into her posts which I like. I really like the amount of details that she puts into her work and how her opinion shines through to the reader. She is able to make good connection between our topic and her sources of information. The way she writes the post brings questions to mind which I think is a great quality to have when doing an inquiry. Overall I think her posts are great and I really enjoyed reading them.


Natalia’s posts have a wonderful use of opinion in them that the reader can really relate to and reflect on what she is saying. The length of the posts are great and I like the amount of detail provided in it. Her posts are also able to bring more questions to mind which I really like. I like that she does ask more questions in her post then she was given at first.

I think Natalia and Ellana are doing a great job with their inquiry posts. I like the amount of details there are in each post and their opinions are clear. I think we will be able to bring everything together the way things are going.


Inquiry prompt

What is Inquiry?

Inquiry is asking questions and gathering information that leads to looking into a subject that interests you.

“Inquiry is a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world.”

“A seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge.”

“It starts with exploration and questioning and leads to investigation into a worthy question, issue, problem or idea.”


What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Teaching method where the student is giving a problem and has to find the answer to it on their own with the teacher guiding them.


Who uses Inquiry Based Learning?

All levels of education. Used more in elementary school and less in high school. It seems that most people agree on what it is but not where and how it should be used.