Discourse communities I belong to

The first discourse community I belong to the chemistry department. Everyone has a common goal in chemistry: to make things react. we like mixing chemicals and seeing what happens. Mass emails are sent to us from the chemistry department and there are study groups that sent out their own emails and texts to those that are in that group. Chemistry is mostly experiments which we all get feedback on from instructors and friends as to what we did wrong and what we did right. Chemistry like most sciences is a broad term. There are many different types of chemistry such as basic chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. If you have ever talked to some one about chemistry, you are going to hear a lot of complex terms and a few equations. Chemistry is very detailed and the wrong word can mean a totally different thing. All of my instructors love chemistry with a passion, you can hear it in their voice otherwise it would be very hard to teach. Chemistry is used for finding out how chemicals work together and why reactions happen.

The second discourse community I belong to is the math department. The goal in math is simple, solve the equation but how you get the answer depend on the type of math you use. There are many different types of math which use different equations to solve problems. Mass emails is the most effective way of communication for the department. You take a lot of tests in math and have a ton of homework but that is the way you get feedback from people. The people that teach math love it since it is a tough subject to teach. Math has a lot of equations and vocabulary terms that you will hear if you talk to some one that really loves math. Math is used to provide facts and answers to you

Both of these communities share similar traits. The same type of communication is used, both have a lot of terms and equations used, and it is something that you have to be passionate about. Chemistry and math use the same amount of writing but you are not writing papers really unless you have to write a lab report in chemistry. You write a lot of equations. Numbers are everywhere in both of these communities. Both of these communities needs the other and they also influence each other.