Group presentation 2/23 AKA pretzel time

the group use prezi which for what ever reason reminds me of a pretzel

-talked about reflection

-Kelly Clarkson song as an example, used quotes

-apparently break outs and reflections are the same thing

-Food pictures=hungry class=snack after class


-reflect on music, food, and movies without thinking about it

-too many questions on handout




Its all about writing

reflection paper: events that changed your writing perspective and reflect on it, growth as a writer. memory in memory

this has total confused the entire class


everything needs to come back to writing. don’t be vague in the reflections and no narrative.



There are three main parts of a reflection:

1. Identify: think about what an event or experience that holds significance for you as a writer. you should be able to create a vignette on it.

2. Analyze: try to see that event or experience from another perspective or point of view. really think outside the box here as you question the event/experience.

3.  Identify: what can you take away from seeing this event or experience from a different view and how it relates to the larger picture that you are trying to see