Literacy in the 21st century


Since technology is an aspect in everyday life today it is important that everyone is able to use technology and understand other cultures. To us using technology is second nature but for our parents and grandparents they are still learning how to use it. Today many cultures are intertwined with each other and it has become necessary for us to understand them. For example when you call the company you bought your laptop from for help, you get connected to a help center in India. You have to be able to understand what that person is telling you and that person has to speak a language that is not native to them.

Social media has become a huge influence on people today. Anything that is put on Facebook or twitter will exist forever someone out there so you really need to think about what you are posting since you can’t take it back. Many people shorted words when texting and those shorted words make their way into papers and school work. Many smart phones use auto correct when you type a message which can be helpful and annoying.